Sovereign Centros announces the upsizing of sister brands, Phase Eight and Hobbs, within a perfectly positioned key regional location, Merry Hill.

These premium womenswear brands will translocate from their separate stores to adjacent ones within a single destination. While occupying the centre’s Upper Mall, the brands will cover a retail space of 6,000 square feet.

Moreover, relocating to this fashion hub would be a natural next step to expanding existing space for Hobbs and Phase Eight fascinators. What’s noteworthy here is that these sister brands are not the first to adopt upsizing within Merry Hill. 

Since last year, around 30 brands have renewed within this large shopping complex. Following this scheme, Nike has recently launched its community-focused branch, acquiring a space of 10,165 square feet.

When it comes to brand offerings, Phase Eight, sustaining its legacy of premium womenswear collection, will showcase a comprehensive collection. This intricate assembling integrates Phase Eight dresses for event wear and workwear across sizes 6-26. Also, Hobbs will exhibit its extensive luxury womenswear, accessories, footwear, and jewellery.

Phase Eight
Merry Hill Shopping Centre Image Source Central Fabrications

Alistair Winning, Sovereign Centros’ Asset Manager, commented: “This relocation and recommitting of Phase Eight and Hobbs to Merry Hill into an upsized unit is another valuable sign that leading retailers place on being here. We not only dwell our focus on welcoming new brands but also ensure to provide top-notch offers to our existing tenants too. This way, helping them become long-term stakeholders within the premises of Merry Hill.”

Adjacent to the recently launched Vanilla, these sister brands will outline sophisticated silhouettes, complementing different occasion dresses. Further, the upsizing within Merry Hill will provide existing and new brands opportunities to grow their businesses, helping them become successful.

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