Nike welcomes back Jason Mayden, former President of Fear of God Athletics, to assume the role of Chief Design Officer for the Jordan brand. Mayden, who initiated his career as the brand’s inaugural design intern 23 years ago, joyously announced his return via Instagram.

Expressing gratitude, Mayden stated, “I’m filled with gratitude to announce my return to @jumpman23 as the chief design officer. It’s been an incredible 23-year journey since starting as the brand’s very first design intern.”

Mayden’s professional path spans key roles at Nike from 2001 to 2014, bounding positions such as Senior Global Design Director at Jordan Brand. Further, it includes the Director of Innovation, Digital Sport, and Senior Product Designer for footwear, brand, and apparel innovation.

Mayden assumed the role of CEO and founder of Super Heroic following his tenure at Nike from 2016 to 2020. Mainly, it’s a direct-to-consumer kid’s clothing and footwear startup supported by Foot Locker. Later, from 2020 to 2022, he served as president at Fear of God Athletics, an Adidas-backed venture under Los Angeles designer Jerry Lorenzo.

While undertaking his role at Nike, Mayden will continue to lead Trillicon Valley, a design house established in 2017. Additionally, he will maintain his position as a visiting lecturer at USC’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy.

What led to his diverse leadership roles beyond Jordan Brand?

Jordan Brand
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Mayden’s return to the Nike Jordan brand highlights his deep-rooted connection with the company. That is because he began as an intern and progressed through various pivotal roles. His vast experience across diverse sectors within Nike is evident in his entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, it signifies a valuable addition to the Jordan brand’s design leadership.

With Mayden’s reintegration into Nike’s creative sphere, his role as Chief Design Officer for the Jordan brand marks a significant stride for Nike Tech. His expertise and innovative vision are poised to create the brand’s iconic legacy. Furthermore, it is synonymous with the renowned Nike logo, as he spearheads design initiatives for Nike Jordan products.

The return of Jason Mayden to Nike represents a homecoming but also a reunion of invaluable expertise. Accordingly, its inventive design prowess is poised to shape the future of Nike’s renowned Jordan brand.

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