Nespresso marks Climate Week by playing its part in reforestation efforts, with a pledge to plant a tree every time someone watches its latest ad. The campaign is running now throughout the UK and has seen a great response som far.

‘This Ad Plants Trees’ sees the coffee brand offer an answer to deforestation. Every single view translates into a donation to fund tree planting. There is an expected minimum of 136,217 trees set to be planted as a result of this campaign.

As part of the broader ‘Everyday Acts’ initiative, the green-fingered promotion works hand in hand with Climate Week to showcase the everyday acts consumers can take to protect the planet. In turn, showing that we can indeed make the changes needed to help reduce climate change. Looking after our world is important, planting trees is a great first step.

Delivered in conjunction with adtech company Good-Loop, the campaign will cover all costs related to the nursery of saplings, transportation of seedlings, planting, guarding and ongoing protection. To drive hits, a live counter keeps track of views in real-time, enabling viewers to see precisely how many trees are to be planted when the campaign is over.

Amy Williams, chief executive and founder of Good-Loop, said that “Addressing the climate crisis is going to require unprecedented levels of collaboration and what I love most about this campaign is that Nespresso is planting trees in collaboration with their consumers.” 

“Every time someone chooses to engage with their brand, this creates a moment of shared endeavor, where the value of this time and attention is harnessed to fund tree planting around the world.” She added.


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