Mark Zuckerberg’s plans on creating his very own metaverse have just hit high gear with news of a new headset that will mix VR and AR. After renaming Facebook, Meta, the business mogul has been focusing his attention on virtual reality – and we have just had a sneak peek at just one of his metaverse-related projects. 

An unlisted video called ‘Project Cambria’ has been shared on YouTube by the Meta Quest channel. The 10-second video gives viewers a sneak peek at the next generation of the Quest VR headset.


The new Quest headset will enable users to see their entire surroundings by using outward-facing cameras, creating a ‘mixed-reality’ experience. The VR headset will also feature eye tracking so it can reflect a user’s real-life facial expression on their virtual avatar. According to Engadget, the Project Cambria headset will also be able to send emails and even allow users to write code.

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