McDonald’s have launched this year’s Christmas campaign with the return of the Reindeer Ready theme featuring a little girl called Ellie and Archie the reindeer.

The fast food chain’s Christmas advert sees Ellie wanting to play reindeers with her older sister, who refuses saying she is too old for such things. Ellie then goes outside and meets Archie the reindeer who she then bonds with, sneaking treats out of the fridge to enjoy together, until they run out. 

Her big sister sees how happy Archie makes her little sister and decides to join her family as they go out for more treats. At the Drive Thru, their father asks for Reindeer Treats at which point we realise the reindeer is in fact their family pet dog in a tutu and antlers. 

The ad serves to celebrate the free carrot sticks (reindeer treats) McDonald’s will be handing out on Christmas Eve this year. 

Ben Fox, marketing director  at McDonald’s UK and Ireland said: “We’re proud of the role we play in getting the nation Reindeer Ready each Christmas and this year is no exception.

“We’re celebrating the magic of Christmas through the eyes of Ellie, an imaginative little girl, in an advert which illustrates scenes recognised by parents across the country, as the whole family comes together to get reindeer ready.

“We hope the public enjoy Ellie and Archie’s adventure as much as we do.”

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