Katy Perry steps up as the new face and voice of Just Eat, taking over from Snoop Dogg and giving us a new advert to mark the new partnership. 

Created by McCann London, the spot brings viewers inside Perry’s Dr Seuss-esque house as she sings a poppy, upbeat version of Did Somebody Say, composed by her, Kris Pooley, McCann London and the team responsible for the original track with Snoop Dogg.

The ad follows Perry through a giant doll’s house, as she rollerblades with her just-ordered curry, eats sushi with two regal dogs sitting next to her and downs some ice cream while she is – naturally – dressed in an ice-cream cone dress.

Directed by music video veteran Dave Meyers, who created Perry’s videos for Swish Swish and Firework, the ad cements the singer’s status as the new cover girl for the brand. The senior creatives behind the campaign were Ben Buswell and Jo Griffin.

This is the first global campaign for the brand since Just Eat and Takeaway.com merged in 2020. The combined entity appointed McCann London to its international business in March 2021 after an extensive pitch through AAR.

McCann has worked as Just Eat’s creative agency since being appointed in 2018.

The “Did somebody say” platform debuted in May 2019, and in May 2020 the brand launched the iteration that many now know: “Did somebody say feat. Snoop Dogg”.

Speaking to Campaign, Rob Webster, creative director at McCann London, speaking alongside fellow creative director Alexei Berwitz, said: “[The ad] was always meant to be something that was regenerated and reinterpreted. Episode two, we imagined in West Coast hip-hop style, because Snoop, like the rest of the UK, was fed up of hearing the original.”

Tommy Smith, managing partner on the Just Eat Takeaway.com account at McCann London, added: “The strategy is the same. It’s just different talent, new genre, different look and feel, just to keep it alive for the third instalment.”

Following the merger of Just Eat and Takeaway.com, the brief for the platform changed, meaning it had to appeal to 10 markets that had never seen ads for Just Eat before, including Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

Smith said: “We needed to make sure that this next chapter followed on with the same cultural potency and had high enough altitude with our celebrity that they could deliver the fame and scale across [the new] markets.”

Media planning and buying has been done by UM and the ad will run across TV, out of home, digital out of home, social and radio. In the UK, it will launch on 20 May during Gogglebox Channel 4.

On working with Perry, Smith said she had been a “collaborative partner from day one” with a “hands-on” approach, being involved in the song, visuals and costumes.

Perry said: “Working with Just Eat Takeaway.com was a really fun and natural experience. Coincidentally, most of my records and eras have had food undertones to them, from strawberries, to peppermints, to now mushrooms.

“Ordering takeaway is a regular Saturday night for me, so it was fun to channel that into a video that is a combination of the things that bring joy to my life: poppy bright colours, wild outfits and food puns sung over a catchy tune.”

Just Eat introduced the line “Did somebody say Just Eat?” in an ad by McCann London 2019 in a spot that combined different genres of TV shows. The brand reimagined the line in a campaign featuring Snoop Dogg, which launched five weeks late due to the pandemic.

Susan O’Brien, vice president, global brand at Just Eat Takeaway.com, said: “Did somebody say feat. Snoop Dogg put the brand firmly on the cultural map, anchored the message that Just Eat is the answer to all food cravings, and connected us with audiences, building brand love and consideration in a fiercely competitive sector.     

“While we’re launching with a blockbuster TVC, this is a global creative brand platform running across 18 markets in 20 languages, and underpinned by a comprehensive through-the-line activation strategy. We’ve moved from two legacy organisations, operating independently to one unified business, and for the first time, we’re presenting ourselves on a world stage in the same joyful expression.     

“Katy Perry brings unparalleled star power and her playful nature matches ours to a tee. It’s the perfect partnership to continue building the instinctive connection between Just Eat and the joy of food delivery.”  

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