Desperados, the Heineken beer brand, has released a global campaign that showcases party guests experimenting with fashion and music.

“Pour some unusual on your usual”, by We Are Pi, aims to encourage people to try new things.

The film opens with a neighbour arriving at a house party looking as if she is going to complain about the noise. However, she asks for the music to be turned up and steps into the house to witness party guests celebrating their creativity by wearing inflatable clothing at the side of the swimming pool, or having an arm that can pop open a bottle of Desperados.

The campaign was created by Victor Morón, Ankita Tobit, Jose Hernandez and Pierre Gilles, and directed by Freddie Powell through Drool.

It will run across TV, online and out-of-home channels. There will also be an experiential element to it, details of which will be released at a later date.

Rutger van der Stegen, global marketing manager at Desperados, told Campaign that the brand is “always trying to find ways of unleashing creativity”.

He said: “This year’s campaign fully encapsulates the mindset of our consumers who want to venture into the unexpected but it takes them a bit of daring to do so. Based on that insight, we asked We Are Pi to create a campaign that would celebrate the people who are trying new things.

“We believe that if we show this to our consumers, then we can also encourage them to do the same, so that they feel the freedom to start experimenting and unleashing their creative side and letting go of their inner inhibitions that can sometimes block people from trying new things.”

Rick Chant, executive creative director at We Are Pi, added that the agency wanted to ensure the ad was “walking the walk” in terms of being unusual.

He said: “We wanted to add something unusual in the spot itself so we hid a beer bottle within the film, inspired by some of the things you’d see on The Simpsons. We’re going to use social media to encourage people to look for the hidden beer for the opportunity to win unexpected festival experiences.”

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