As Plaza said, “the only way to make them marga-right starts with three ingredients: Cointreau, tequila and fresh lime juice.

On its 75th anniversary, the French liquor brand Cointreau celebrates Margaritas with White Lotus star Aubrey Plaza.

The Dallas socialite Margarita Sames’s recipe has been carrying the Cointreau margaritas legacy since 1948. Eventually, it makes Cointreau its key ingredient.

This Edison-crafted ad integrates the humor and wittiness of Aubrey Plaza innovatively. Aubrey Plaza calls the frosty beverage ‘literally garbage,’ when her margarita lacks the key ingredient, Cointreau.

On this she passed a sarcastic remark, “Be a dear and go dig a hole and bury this—thank you.” Upon learning that her libation doesn’t have Cointreau, she calls out the mixologist for making a ‘MargaWrong.’

White lotus star Aubrey Plaza endorsing Cointreau Marga Right<br >Image Source Cointreau

Later, Aubrey Plaza kicks off the brand’s most significant marketing campaign by saying “Anyone order a MargaWrong? No? Didn’t think so.” This famously irreverent artist then retaliates with a remark, “I love Margaritas – and the only way to make them MargaRight starts with three ingredients: Cointreau, tequila, and fresh lime juice,” said Plaza. “Otherwise, it’s just MargaWrong.” Plaza continued, “This summer, you’ll only catch me ordering Margaritas MargaRight, and Cointreau will always be at any party of mine.”

This iconic teaming up of Cointreau Tesco with Aubrey Plaza brings into the limelight its iconic orange liqueur, Cointreau cocktail. The White Lotus star insists on making Margaritas ‘Marga-Right’ by adding Cointreau.

Moreover, this Cointreau summer campaign is its largest creative campaign to date. By adding the sardonic humor of Aubrey Plaza to the campaign, the creators have garnered good views across all social media platforms.

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