Best known for turning up in packed lunches and at picnics, Capri Sun’s latest launch comes not in the form of a new juice range but, more surprisingly, an animated series on YouTube.

Created in collaboration with agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners and animation studio Blinkink, Break Free TV is a five-part mini-show designed to provide a sip-sized dose of entertainment for children.

Blinkink’s animation director, James Papper, brought together various animators to realise the series, ranging from emerging Instagram artists to more seasoned creators who have worked on Adult Swim, Fantastic Mr Fox, Isle of Dogs, and more.

No two episodes feature the same storyline or medium but instead the series takes the form of five unique shorts, with the creative team employing claymation, puppetry, animation, CGI and stop motion to bring each script to life.

Meanwhile, the storylines feature everything from a rapping bee and a self-aware bubble, through to a laugh designer and a cushion that doesn’t like being sat on.

Designed to meet kids where they already are (ie on YouTube) and be more engaging in a culturally relevant way, the show is also part of Capri Sun’s wider strategy to ensure kids “seize childhood by the pouch”, according to the brand.

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