Petronas lifts Malaysian spirits with its 90-second spot as the nation celebrates Eid al-Fitr during unprecedented times

Petronas, a Malaysian oil and gas company, recently released its first fully animated web film titled “Antara Dua Jendela” (“Between Two Windows”) in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, which is the Malaysian version of Eid al-Fitr celebrations where Muslims around the world celebrate the holiest day of the Muslim calendar.  The intent behind the web film is to remind everyone that they are not alone in facing the current unprecedented situation brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic and to discover the simple joys in life that are often overlooked.

Staying true to Petronas’ festive theme this year – “Our Unique Family”, the web film zooms into relationships that blossom through kindness and support – traits that are especially important now amongst members of various communities, as the world tries to adjust itself to a new way of life.

The web film opens with a scene at a tranquil village, where two kampung (village) houses named Uda and Dara are seen expressing their love for one another. The story unfolds to feature the houses’ respective owners, Pak Tam and Mak Teh, who are complete opposites in character and are unable to see eye-to-eye on various matters.

Over the years, the tension that simmers between these two long-time neighbours grows more apparent especially during Eid, thus putting a strain on Uda and Dara’s relationship.

However, this year, with the absence of the “balik kampung” (“going back to the villages”) exodus and open house visits in the times of COVID-19, Pak Tam and Mak Teh decided to set aside their differences, as they discover a silver lining in the pandemic and find uplifting ways to celebrate Eid, much to the delight of Uda and Dara.

Petronas Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abdul Rahman said, “Our aspiration with “Antara Dua Jendela” is to bring joy to Malaysians amid these challenging times.

“This web film also serves as a reminder for Malaysians that we are not alone during this unprecedented time, and everyone is enduring the same situation. It is important to look at our surroundings and appreciate those who are nearest to us. We hope that this web film will be a source of motivation for us to continue thriving and finding the ray of light in our lives to conquer this new normal.”

Liza added that for nearly 46 years, Malaysians have constantly been Petronas’ source of inspiration, with the people’s uniqueness being continuously celebrated in its festive web films. She further emphasised that what binds us together in solidarity during the difficult times are our thoughtful gestures and genuine care for one another.

“This fully animated piece has certainly pushed us beyond our comfort zone. We needed to adapt quickly and experiment with new storytelling techniques. Because of the close collaboration fostered between our agile team, partners, musicians and illustrators in making this Web film, we were able to produce “Antara Dua Jendela” remotely. For us, this new normal isn’t an obstacle, but a catalyst for progress towards our festive web films,” said Liza.

The web film can now be viewed on Petronas’ official YouTube channel and Facebook Page. The 90-second commercial version will be aired on TV from 20 May till 14 June 2020.

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