Netflix is set to release well over the 398 already-publicised originals in 2022, according to Ampere Analysis’ latest data. The streaming platform is already known for producing a range of popular original tv series, films and animations and they intend to grow their already long list this year. In 2021 they stated they would develop 398 original shows, and they are on their way to growing past this target already!

The figure of 398 includes those shows either scheduled to premiere or those due to complete production and likely to premiere in 2022. It excludes any 2022 release shows yet to be commissioned or announced.

With 259 of the 395 released Original shows in 2021 announced and released by the platform that same year, Netflix is already set to significantly beat this figure.

By the second week of February 2022, Netflix had released 55 TV shows, and has a further 56 ready to be released with known premiere dates for later this year.

Netflix has also revealed that a further 97 titles are due to release in 2022, with dates to be confirmed.

The rest of 2022´s titles are within Netflix’s extensive in-production slate.

The streamer has a further 88 TV shows that have already finished production and are ‘Premiere ready’, waiting to be released on the platform.

Netflix has an additional 102 shows that are still currently at the script or shooting stages which Ampere analysts expect to finish production in time to air this year.

Richard Cooper, Research Director, Ampere Analysis says: “The competition to keep hold of subscribers in the face of aggressive studio-backed competition has turned Netflix into one of the world’s leading creators of Original content. Netflix’s planned releases for 2022 display an increasing level of diversity, with a greater level of international content and a broader spread of genres than ever before. This promise of more and better shows is exactly what the streaming giant needs to sate the voracious appetite for content of its 222 million global subscriber base and to minimize churn going forward.

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