Lexus partners with UK based origami artist Coco Sato for its first instalment

The Lexus Creates initiative is a new content series from the luxury marque. This social-media-driven programme engages participants in activities that both inform and delight, with subjects related to the Lexus brand hallmarks of design and craftsmanship. This is accomplished with the help of a range of partners who, through their unique talents, inspire participants to create, whilst also elevating the value of their craft.

“Lexus often seeks unique ways to connect with its audience, beyond the automotive realm. The brand’s human-centric focus and dedication to craftsmanship provide a natural foundation from which to reach out and engage around topics that have already proven to be of interest to our audience. The Lexus Creates series is a perfect example,” said Brian Bolain, General Manager, Lexus International.

The first instalment in the series partners with UK-based origami artist/takumi Coco Sato to help bring the art, precision and creativity of origami to life. Starting with a cat, then a leaf, and then a more complex butterfly, the Lexus Creates series allows viewers to access the skills and teachings of Coco Sato.

Coco Sato is best known for translating traditional Japanese aesthetics into art forms with a uniquely modern edge. Using paper, fabric, food or simple electronics, she creates artworks and public origami installations.

Born in Tokyo and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London, her work is inspired by everyday life in her native Japan and her sincere desire to dissolve boundaries and foster understanding between different cultures.

Sato’s work alludes to an increasingly fast-paced and stressed-out world and explores the relationship between human interaction, technology, space and nature, and is motivated by a belief in the power of individuals coming together to make a statement, create a movement or bring about positive change. She shares her art and skills through social media and video tutorials and aims to encourage making things and thinking with your hands

In aligning with such an artist, Lexus hopes to help reinforce the value of creativity, the beauty communicated through these simple, timeless paper forms, and elevate the impact of the human-focused skills used to capture the emotion of Coco Sato’s work.

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