Aehra is coming to the market with luxury plans for an all-electric brand. Although the Italian car manufacturer isn’t giving too much away right now, they have some impressive characters on their team, ready to make the modern brand a success.

Filippo Perini, previous Chief Designer for Lamborghini, is now head of design at Aehra. Perini had a hand in every Lamborghini from 2006 to 2016, as well as various Alfa Romeos and the Italdesign Zerouno, so he’s not exactly unfamiliar with creating gorgeous shapes.

Aehra has already raised Series A funding, with money to move forward on its plan; which is to start with a luxury EV SUV before moving on to an equally luxurious EV saloon.

Aehra released a series of teaser images that don’t give too much away other than a sleek shape and gull wing doors. The new brand shared that the final design images will be shared next month, followed by the saloon in February next year, and both cars will be in production by 2025. After a year on sale, Aehra’s planning to have sold more than 15,000 SUVs and another 15,000 saloons.

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