Who is King Power and Why Are They Winning?

King Power Leicester City FC

The recent phenomenal EPL win by Leicester City has solidified the position of King Power, the club’s brand owner and primary sponsor.

A travel retailer with businesses and services worldwide, King Power was set up in 1989. Between inception and 1994, the group launched Thailand’s first downtown duty-free shop at Mahatun Plaza. Then breaking through its Siamese mould shortly after, the brand debuted in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, before extending its footprint across various other overseas markets, the UK included.

Less than a decade following its international expansion, the marque solidified its presence on the world map when in 2010, its acquisition of Leicester City Football Club made global headlines. Marking its maiden voyage into sports marketing, the move led by Group Chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, saw many promises made and numerous unmissable investments initiated.

Sinking its teeth into the takeover, King Power went on to pump big bucks into revamping the professional squad’s training grounds, business structures, management, and players, for a start. Apart from stepping in as primary sponsor of the club’s stadium, facilities, and developing its academy for young talent, the brand was instrumental in Leicester City’s promotion to the Premier League in 2014.

Pledging support on the back of a vast heritage, the company had one stand-out mission when it started out and one mission only and that was to see to the long-term stability and success of a club that already had 130 years tucked under its footballing belt. The payout? The first ever 5000-1 win in both EPL and sporting history; a legendary record which has bookies raking out millions and the world still scratching their heads.

An especially surreal victory for Thailand-hailing King Power, the title and championship reinforce not only its name as a worthy contender in the arena of athletics, but also its positioning and foothold across the global landscape of branding and services. The said underdog steal is representative of the bold virtues and go-getter spirit of the brand. With its first mission accomplished and in only two years, the tide has certainly turned.

King Power was also a winner at the 2016-2017 World Branding Awards.