Volini with Lowe Lintas Mumbai released a 60-second spot to urge people to come out strong after lockdown

Pain relief brand Volini has released a digital film, urging people to step into the post-lockdown world brimming with optimism and hope, now that they have all learnt or rediscovered a thing or two that’s all-new. The #FilmFromHome conceived by Lowe Lintas Mumbai covers India, all the way from Kerala to the beautiful north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

In the unprecedented times that we’re living through, families have come together to help each other beat the lockdown blues. In this new — and hopefully short-lived — reality, the way we live, love and interact with one another has transformed. The beautiful presentation is no longer limited to PowerPoint slides but extends to our home-cooked meals.

Gym workouts have been replaced with working around the house — working the same muscles and a few more — especially when your partner can’t make up their mind about the placement of their favourite table. Humdrum chores are now celebrated as little victories, even a tidying a cupboard. The film shows how difficult times have a way of building resilience, making people push through the pain to come out stronger, better.

Madhu Noorani, President, Lowe Lintas, said, “Whilst the country was brought to a sudden standstill, we wanted to help people look at the bright side of things, make them proud about picking up new skills – no matter how small the skill or, how painful it was to learn it.

And whilst Volini as the brand helps us overcome our physical pain, we come out as stronger and better versions of ourselves having passed through this hardship. And now have newfound hope and abilities to take forward into our new world.”


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