Megan is combating F.O.B.O (Fear Of Body Odor) and kicking the competition to the sideline by making the switch to Schmidt’s

Schmidt’s has teamed up with soccer superstar and activist Megan Rapinoe to launch “#MadeForEveryone,” a new campaign that helps people combat F.O.B.O., or the Fear Of Body Odor, by encouraging everyone to make the switch to Schmidt’s natural deodorant for 24-hour odor protection.

Fear Of Body Odor is a real anxiety for many people. In fact, a 2021 survey found that 79% of people ages 18-35 report feeling anxious about their body odor on a day-to-day basis. The same study revealed that 60% of people won’t even leave their home if they know they have body odor.

With more than 20,000 five-star reviews, Schmidt’s is the natural answer to Fear Of Body Odor – and it really works. Schmidt’s keeps you fresh all day and gives you the confidence to beat F.O.B.O. (Fear Of Body Odor).

Not only does Schmidt’s really work, but it’s also the first deodorant in the US to be certified natural by Ecocert COSMOS Natural, with 100% natural origin ingredients. Plus, it’s strong enough for Megan Rapinoe. And how does it stack up to the competition? Schmidt’s users reapply their deodorant during the day 50% less often than people who use Native.

The brand recently upgraded their signature deodorant formula, resulting in a smoother glide that’s gentle on skin. With a reduced amount of baking soda and an increased amount of odor fighting ingredient magnesium, Schmidt’s will help kick the Fear Of Body Odor to the curb.

“As an athlete, I’m conscious of what I put on my body, but it’s also important that I have a deodorant that I can apply once and feel confident it will keep me smelling fresh all day, both on and off the field. With Schmidt’s, I don’t have to compromise,” Rapinoe said.

As part of the campaign, Schmidt’s worked with Rapinoe to create a video that challenges outdated gender tropes in the deodorant category.

“Megan is known for challenging the status quo, similarly to how Schmidt’s has shattered expectations of natural deodorant by providing long lasting odor protection. We couldn’t think of a better partner to flip antiquated and stereotypical tropes on their head.,” said Mollie Crudden, Head of Schmidt’s Naturals.

“Our products are made for everyone, so the goal of the campaign is to illustrate that while instilling confidence that Schmidt’s natural deodorant really works.”

To encourage fans to join Megan Rapinoe in making the switch to naturals with Schmidt’s, the brand is giving away 1,000 full-size samples of its award-winning products.

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