OTB Foundation and Publicis Italy celebrates bravery in new fundraising campaign

OTB Foundation (Only The Brave) has launched its first fundraising campaign with Publicis Italy to celebrate and support the brave people who deserve it most during a pandemic.

The Foundation is the non-profit organisation of OTB, the parent company of fashion brands Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, Amiri, and companies Staff International and Brave Kid, founded by Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso. Ever since its creation in 2008, OTB Foundation has helped 250,000 people through over 200 different international projects, with the mission to rebalance social inequality and contribute to the sustainable development of less advantaged areas and people around the world.

During the Covid-19 emergency, OTB Foundation actioned multiple initiatives aimed at providing support to smaller and lesser-known hospitals in different Italian towns. These initiatives include donations of protective equipment, distribution of masks, supplying cutting-edge technological equipment to prevent the spread of the virus, converting existing hospital wards in dedicated Covid-19 sections, donating sanitisers and disinfection systems for ambulances, distributing air sanitisers, respiratory helmets, full face masks and even tablets for patients to stay in touch with their loved ones. Their initiatives can be viewed on their website.

But OTB Foundation still needs to help those in need. And for this, together with Publicis Italy, they have created a fund-raising campaign video that celebrates the various expressions of bravery that people have shown during these times.

Based on the principle that any small act of bravery (and kindness) generates others, the video showcases a compilation of some of the most heart-warming, funny and courageous videos that were shared online during these last months. From neighbours cheering with sticks from different balconies to dinosaur costumes being used to shop safely, to couples getting married with masks on, to babies being welcomed in the world with tiny masks.

In essence, showing a chain reaction that starts from one brave action and leads to helping the brave ones who need it the most: the medical staff and their patients.

Only the brave can help the brave. And as the world still needs more bravery, everyone is invited to donate through this website.

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