New Zealand reminds parents of the realities of the online world as well as provides them with tools and advice

The New Zealand Government has recently launched a campaign called Keep It Real Online. The campaign was created to remind parents and caregivers that although there are many benefits for children and young people online, they could also be targets of crime and exploitation. The campaign also provides tools and advice for parents and caregivers.

One of the many ways the New Zealand Government is bringing awareness to parents and caregivers is by producing several 60-second films of the possibilities that could occur without their knowledge. The Keep It Real Online campaign touches on pornography, bullying, grooming, and inappropriate content that children and young adults may engage in in the online world.

The 60-second spot on pornography begins with a naked couple knocking on the door of an unexpecting mother looking for her son, Matt after he had searched for the pornographic film actors up online. The couple later explained to the mother that they had stopped over so that they could explain to Matt that although they seem to jump right to it, it is important to have consent and that there is a difference between sex online and relationships in real life.

The Keep It Real Online 60-second spot on grooming alerts parents that their children could be speaking to strangers online without their knowledge. It has statistically shown that 40 per cent of young adults have interactions with people that they have never met in real life. Whilst the 60-second spot on inappropriate content for children reminds parents to turn the child settings on and to keep a closer eye on their children to avoid them from watching content that may scare them.

Lastly, in an effort to bring awareness to parents, the campaign also released a spot on the realities of bullying. Young children may be victims of bullying or may also be the bullier. The campaign urges parents to encourage their children to speak out if they are being bullied and to also take a step back to check on their child if they may be bullying another child.

The Keep It Real Online campaign is led by the Department of Internal Affairs and was developed in consultation with its partner agencies, Te Tari Taiwhenua Internal Affairs, Te Mana Whakaatu Classification Office, net safe, and the Ministry of Education.

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