Mucinex Spreads Facts not Fear through new public health information campaign

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and what has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a resulting “infodemic,” Mucinex, a cold and flu brand, has launched a new public health information campaign in the US to help people understand the facts and behaviours that will prevent the spread of the virus.

The campaign, ‘Spread Facts, Not Fear,’ consists of a series of bold, iconic images and simple prevention messages to encourage science-based safe habits and point people to the experts. Every execution drives to the Covid-19 facts website, a helpful source, launched by Mucinex’s global parent company, RB, of up-to-date information compiled from the WHO, Johns Hopkins and other top medical experts.

“Misinformation about Covid-19 is spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself,” said Cynthia Chen, General Manager/President, Consumer Health at RB. “As the leading cold and cough medicine, Mucinex understands the power of facts and science, especially in stressful times, and aims to be a helper by empowering consumers to care for themselves through awareness and access to the most credentialed advice.”

Award-winning illustrator Noma Bar was commissioned by Mucinex to create the graphic images for the campaign, which are running across social, print and out-of-home media at least through the end of April 2020. Bar illustrated six various fact and science-based messages with a friendly, approachable tone including “Nods and waves are cool again. Avoid handshakes,” and “Fingers off your face. It’s an easy way to get sick.”

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