McDonald’s Sweden promotes Big Mac with bacon with “A Classic. With Bacon.” stunt

In an ingenious fashion, McDonald’s Sweden has opted to place its Big Mac on the same stage as world-famous classics such as the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and the Für Elise amongst others.

Describing its latest Big Mac Bacon as a “classic but with bacon”, the global fast-food retailer and five-time global winner of the World Branding Awards draws consumers’ attention to its borderline ridiculous ads positioned in well-populated areas.

The outdoor and print campaign was created by Nord DDB and features world-famous classic portraits with strips of bacon clandestinely inserted into. Bacon can be seen draped on the shoulder of da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” on the pitchfork of the couple in Grant Wood’s’ “American Gothic”, and on the jacket of Van Gogh’s self-portrait.

The campaign also includes a radio advertisement which features Beethoven’s Für Elise with a voice-over ludicrously saying “bacon” over and over again. The point of the ad is clear. A classic but with bacon.

However, the idea of using priceless works of art to promote a burger—which many feel is disrespectful—is hard to stomach by many a consumer. Whilst many think there should be a line to draw in campaign direction, others feel that the marketing landscape is constantly changing—now more so than ever—and brands find themselves needing to create more head-turning, eye-popping ads just to capture the attention of the masses.

Others also feel that the strips of bacon could have been placed in a more aesthetic way instead of just draping it anywhere. The bacon on the pitchfork, however, seems to be an appreciated version.

Agree or disagree with McDonald’s ad, it definitely does what it was commissioned to do. Customers in Sweden now know of a Big Mac with bacon and will probably flock to the nearest McDonald’s just to get a taste of it whilst posting on Instagram with the famous paintings in the background.

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