Klarna encourages consumers to ask themselves “Do I love it? Will I use it? Is it worth it?” before they head to the checkout

Klarna, a global payments provider and shopping service, has launched KlarnaSense, a new initiative to encourage consumers to shop smarter by purchasing the right things, at the right time.

Our brains consume and process approximately 11 million pieces of information per second in order to make a decision – all of this subconsciously. Those decisions are effortless and quick, but far from considered, and can lead to impulse buying.

KlarnaSense uses retail psychology to promote more mindful shopping, challenging consumers to engage their conscious brain by asking themselves three simple questions before they head to the checkout, “Do I love it? Will I use it? Is it worth it?”

Applying the Rule of Three has been developed with a renowned retail psychologist, Kate Nightingale to ensure that consumers use the part of their brain that controls whether they make a considered decision, rather than an impulsive one.

The growth of Klarna in the UK shows that consumers are demanding a better shopping experience which offers both flexibility and convenience. KlarnaSense builds on these changing behaviours and empowers consumers to make the right choice at the right time when shopping online or in-store.

A recent Klarna survey cited that two-thirds of shoppers (67%) use Klarna because it helps them to manage their money and spread the cost of more expensive purchases. Almost half (49%) cited that being able to ‘try before you buy’ gave them added convenience, which has become increasingly important as the world of retail adapts to the changing retail landscape following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Shoppers of all ages are embracing these new payment methods, with the fastest-growing age category seen in the past year by Klarna being those of Gen X (40-54 years old). Klarna now has over 8.6m customers in the UK who can shop at over 6.5k retail partners.

Luke Griffiths, UK General Manager for Klarna, says: “Now, more than ever, people need convenience and flexibility in how they shop, whether that’s spreading the cost of an item or giving them the option to try before they buy.

Nevertheless, we recognise that it’s sometimes easy to get over-excited and carried away with impulse purchases and that Klarna also has an important role to play in helping our customers to purchase the right things, at the right time. That’s what KlarnaSense is all about.”

Kate Nightingale, Retail Psychologist, says: “When shopping, it’s easy to make automatic decisions. You see something you feel you need, perhaps more like desire, and the specially designed website or store does the rest. Before you know it, you are clicking ‘pay now’.

But there is a way to find some balance – to switch on your consciousness without overloading it with information – and that’s by applying the rule of three before heading to the checkout.”

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