Babybel’s action-packed ad spot is designed to inspire people to build a lifestyle centred around more balanced snacking options

Beloved global snack brand, Babybel —known for its iconic red wax, playful eating experience and bite-sized natural cheesy goodness—is launching a new campaign with the mission of inspiring consumers to Join the Goodness.

Officially kicking off with the US-debut of their action-packed ad spot, the campaign is designed to inspire people to build a lifestyle centred around more balanced snacking options.

The spot, also titled “Join the Goodness” resembles a movie trailer featuring both real imagery and CGI and was created by Havas in partnership with SOLAB, Oscar-winning director Hervé de Crecy and PLATIGE, a multi-awarded animation studio.

The spot comes in:15, 30 and full: 60-second cuts and immerses consumers in a fantasy world filled with temptation. The Babybel league—mini cheese heroes in red wax costumes—saves the day, joyfully inviting consumers to Join the Goodness with more mindful eating habits and a balanced, diversified diet.

“We had loads of fun in making this ‘real’ blockbuster trailer. It was crucial to tick all the boxes: Pure entertainment, brilliant special effects, all the codes of a Hollywood movie with unhinged creativity,” said Stéphane Xiberras, Head of Havas Global Creative Council.

Mini Babybel is 100 per cent real cheese made with simple ingredients: Milk, salt and microbial enzymes with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The unique and individually-wrapped portion makes it possible to consume just the right amount.

“We know the temptation is all around us when it comes to snacking, that’s why we’re inspiring everyone to Join the Goodness by choosing to snack on Babybel,” said Babybel USA Brand Director Melanie Nemoy.

“With Babybel you can feel good about the snack choices you make without compromising on taste. Our iconic wax shell covers a perfectly-portioned snack of 100 per cent real cheese.”

The “Join the Goodness” campaign message will be amplified across national TV, digital, public relations, influencer and in-store retail channels through the end of the year. The new campaign is accompanied by the launch of new product packaging as part of a global rebranding, which will begin to hit shelves at most national retailers across the US starting in August.

Marketed in 76 countries on five continents, the 360-advertising campaign has already launched in eight countries and will be implemented in nearly 20 countries by the end of 2020.

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