Influenced by Acura, ESPN analyst Jay Williams and comedian Seaton Smith host a new sports network where they say more by talking less

Inspired by Acura “Less Talk, More Drive” brand campaign, the Network breaks down March’s college basketball competition with the least amount of noise

ESPN basketball analyst Jay Williams and comedian Seaton Smith began hosting the Acura Less Talk Sports Network during the March college basketball match-ups. Williams and Smith will use as few words as possible to comment on the brackets, biggest upsets and game highlights surrounding March basketball with their “Less Talk” pre- and postgame analysis.

“We have a new take on sports commentary where we get straight to the point without the fluff. More fun, less talk.” said Williams, who is partnering with the Acura campaign for the third consecutive year.

Influenced by Acura’s “Less Talk, More Drive” brand campaign, the Less Talk Sports Network cuts through longwinded sports commentary by telling viewers in thirty seconds or less, what they need to know about the March college basketball games with the least amount of words.

The Acura Less Talk Sports Network will air through the March college basketball finals on 2 April. The campaign will be featured on top sports sites such as ESPN and Turner Sports, as well as across social media platforms. For the first time, Acura will update creative in real-time within the brand’s homepage takeovers on ESPN, based on live outcomes.

On social media, the campaign will span Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and GIPHY, with a focus on real-time game reactions. In addition, fans and viewers also will be able to share the GIFs and memes featuring Williams’ reactions with friends, based on the basketball match-ups and outcomes.

Acura’s “Less Talk, More Drive” marketing campaign lets Acura vehicles do the talking. Acura was born a challenger brand and this campaign portrays Acura’s independent spirit and relentless pursuit of innovation. It represents the spirit of Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA, influenced heavily by the brand’s renewed focus on what matters most – the driving experience.

It gives viewers a glimpse into Acura’s performance world through the eyes of the company’s engineers, race car drivers and owners behind the wheel of Acura vehicles. Most recently, Acura’s “Beat That” the game extension of Acura’s brand campaign has garnered 134,395 plays in 164 countries since it debuted last month.

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