Telenor ad goes against screen time prejudices in latest campaign

Telenor, a multinational telecommunications company, recently released an ad toppling the prejudices of the modern, digital age.

In its latest campaign, created by creative agency ACNE and directed by the award-winning director Adam Hashemi, the company goes head-on against the phenomenon of those who do not consider esports, influencer marketing, or even online-dating apps—amongst others—as ‘real’.

Whilst winning a tennis tournament receives high recognition for skill and expertise, winning an online gaming competition does not necessarily receive the same; online influencers are shaping global trends but are not seen as having a real job; and online workspaces are not seen as real places for doing work.

As it is, ongoing debates regarding digital media and it uses—not to mention its pros and cons—are transforming the world as it is seen. Researchers have found that while younger generations strive to find the simplest ways of doing things with the usage of apps and gadgets, some in the older generation tend to shy away from being over-connected—because of a fear of making mistakes and a wider concern on social responsibilities.

The title of the campaign suggests that the world is constantly evolving and many people are getting left behind due to their own prejudices which impede their progress.

“There is a common belief that the online achievements and activities are less valuable than IRL ones. We do not believe that and with this campaign, we want to encourage people to reflect on what their attitudes actually say about them,” said Linda Wetterborg, Tribe Lead, Sales and Marketing at Telenor.

“By balancing humour, sincerity and seriousness, the campaign’s aim is to encourage reflection with a message that even the naysayers can relate to. That led to a distinct visual approach and a tone-of-voice that differentiates itself from what you normally see from a Telco,” continued Erik Bergqvist, Executive Creative Director at Acne.

The campaign features Olof “Olofmeister” Keijber—one of the world’s biggest esport stars, Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup Winner, Håkan Loob, and Cajsa Wessberg, an influencer, illustrator and model.

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