‘Tanguru’ is a far-cry from the bald orange slapping characters in Tango adverts of the nineties.

Launching two new adverts for the first time in four years, Britvic’s Tango is introducing the new character.

The adverts show Tanguru appearing in frozen scenes of awkward situations between a young redhead and her dad, offering advice on how to style out her situation. The ads end with the tagline, “Sticky situation? Time to Tango”.

Ray Patterson, Britvic brand director, said: “Tango has a big personality and we’ve always been bold with our humour and tone. While the brand remains a firm favourite with current Tango drinkers, we want to extend its appeal to new audiences. And we’re confident our new ads will really resonate with them.”

As younger consumers are the fastest growing age group buying low and no sugar fruit carbonates, Tango’s new branding also includes three new sugar-free flavours, Tropical, Strawberry & Watermelon and improved recipe Orange sugar-free.


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