Skyn Plays Safe with Places of Intimacy Global Push

Ansell had created an ad campaign around its condom brand, Skyn, with the push slated for six markets including France, Italy, and Brazil.

Protection solutions provider, Ansell, has rolled out a global campaign for Skyn, alongside Sid Lee Paris. Titled Places of Intimacy, the push champions the freedom to love and will run in markets including the United States, Brazil, France, Poland, Italy, and Australia.

“The push looks to aesthetically advocate the sensual universe that the brand promises. We weren’t looking to show exaggerated nudity, but rather to play with material, skin, and sensation to enhance the product benefits,” said Sylvain Thirache, ECD at Sid Lee Paris.

Based on the insight that intimate memories are tied to the places in which they’re formed, the effort entails digital, social, and OOH executions. Offering a guide of the most intimate spots created by chosen couples, it sheds a unique perspective on safety and functionality.

The brand is targeting serial monogamists, who are millennials seeking a deep human connection. The creative’s message is that love is available everywhere and to anyone regardless of stereotypes—leaving viewers asking why there was ever a search for love.

“It’s through owning this space and creating meaningful conversations within it that we hope to make Skyn not just a condom choice, but a larger lifestyle choice,” said Jeyan Heper, President and GM of the Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit at Ansell.