The Ritz-Carlton Unlocks Room No. 8 in London

Advertisements and video content from the Room No. 8 exercise by The Ritz-Carlton for London ran on the Vogue and GQ UK websites.

The Ritz-Carlton recently partnered with British Vogue and British QC to present Room No. 8, a multi-sensory performance-art experience by some of the biggest names in visual effects, sound art, and immersive theatre. The showcase was put together for the brand’s London patrons.

In addition to delivering a theatrical physical presence, the performance was filmed and photographed, with said content aimed at providing the basis for a creative campaign around the concept. Advertisements and video content from the exercise were run on the Vogue and GQ UK sites.

The first of its kind, the aforementioned production offered guests a journey through discovery, tapping intricately into every one of their senses. Room No. 8 was held at the White Space Gallery, London WC2, and catered to a crowd with discriminating tastes.

“With Room No.8, Condé Nast UK worked with our brand to create a beautiful, highly sensory journey, which is designed to further levels of engagement and interest in our hotels worldwide,” said Nick Teare, Senior Director, Brand & Field Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai was a winner at the 2014-2015 World Branding Awards under the Hotel (National) category.