RBS launches Spotify campaign


In a bid to reach out to a younger audience, RBS will launch a paid ad, Easy Wins, demonstrating how easy it is to use their banking systems.

The bank recently conducted research confirming that 24-35 year olds in Scotland don’t feel like they are in control of their finances. In response RBS want to show young people how they can help and are always looking at new ways to make it easier for people to manage personal finance.

The Easy Wins ad features a profile of entrepreneur Tammy Koslowski and her beauty brand NAF Salon, telling the audience how she manages her banking with RBS amidst her busy lifestyle. The ad is accompanied with music by Glasgow based band Crystal.

The Head of User Experience for RBS, Kristen Bennie, says, “Whether that is using your banking app to temporarily freeze all use of your credit cards at those horrible moments when you think you’ve lost your wallet, or to use our new Aggregator app which lets you see all of your banking activity in one place at the touch of a button, we’re working hard to help make life easier for customers.”