To commemorate their 25 year partnership, Carlsberg has released a limited edition Anfield red bottle instead of their usual green logo.

The Danish brand went above and beyond throughout the growing process, this also includes turning the beer red.

The hops for the beer were even grown specifically in soil from Anfield while videos of Liverpool’s best matches were played in the background so it could soak up the club’s DNA into the beer. It was the outer shell of red barley that has given the beer a natural red colour.

To celebrate Liverpool’s amazing season and their partnership with Carlsberg, the longest-standing commercial partnership in the Premier League.

The drinks were first given out for free during a match against Huddersfield. However, as Liverpool advanced to the Champions League finals demand for the limited edition beer soared. More than 400,000 fans have been trying to get their hands on the coveted bottle. Carlsberg has reported an exponential increase of 800% in visitors to their website and their support team overwhelmed by the response. Carlsberg has even made the brew available online in order to meet the demand from fans.

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