Honeycomb cereal launches “Big Honey” campaign starring Terry Crews

Crews share straight talk inspiration with tweens and teens as an un-BEE-lievably funny, larger-than-life bee in Honeycomb’s latest ad campaign

Known for its big size, big crunch and big honey taste, Honeycomb cereal is launching a new brand campaign starring actor and comedian Terry Crews as a larger-than-life bee character known as “Big Honey.”

The campaign features Crews sharing a little straight talk with tweens and teens to inspire and give them the confidence to tackle some of the rites of passage and everyday challenges they face growing up.

The new national campaign, which launches this month in the US and Canada, will include TV ads, digital videos and social media content. In one spot titled “Man to Man-Bee Talk,” Crews is seen giving a pep talk to a teen named Kevin to motivate him to get ready for the school day. Another spot, titled “Dance,” shows Crews encouraging a girl to ask that special “him” to the school dance that evening.

“With its big shape, crunch and flavour, Honeycomb cereal has always been one of those gateways to growing up, a favourite choice of tweens and teens alike,” said David Bagozzi, vice president of marketing at Post Consumer Brands. “Grounded in the simple truth that tween and teen years come with all kinds of new experiences and challenges, we created the ‘Big Honey’ persona to command kids’ attention and inspire them to ‘bee’ their best in a fun and relatable way.

“We are thrilled to have Terry Crews bring ‘Big Honey’ to life. When we were casting ‘Big Honey,’ we knew Terry would be the perfect choice to deliver the confidence, energy and humour we wanted to see come through in the new spots,” added Bagozzi.

“Honeycomb’s ‘Be Big’ brand idea of championing those small but big moments in life is something that I can get behind,” said Terry Crews. “Every day is an opportunity to ‘bee’ awesome and that starts at breakfast with a bowl of BIG cereal.”

The creative agency behind the new “Big Honey” campaign in Toronto and New York-based OstrichCo. The new TV ads will run in the US on networks popular with tweens and teens, including Discovery Family Channel, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

In addition, the ads will appear in 6- and 15-second video and static formats on digital platforms in the US and Canada, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Boomerang. Terry Crews will also be featured as the “Big Honey” character in a series of short videos and stills across Honeycomb’s social channels.