The H&M Advent Calendar is live! This year brands are pulling out all the stops to ensure they are at the forefront of shoppers’ minds. And in this case, you can’t miss it.

H&M have created a giant advent calendar in Shoreditch, with the help of media agency the7stars. The epic advent calendar named ‘Unwrap the magic’ is revealing a range of Christmas gift ideas each day in the lead-up to Christmas.

The H&M Advent Calendar was designed by artist Maddalena Carrai. The fashion brand were keen to ‘go big’ to make sure that everyone had H&M on their minds when thinking of what to buy for friends and family this year. 

Talking about the campaign, Hannah Townsend, Media Lead at H&M, said, “December is such a busy time of the year for a brand and here at H&M we knew we needed to go big in order to cut through and make an impact this Holiday season. We are a brand with a broad range of customers and the advent calendar mural allows us to showcase an array of products in a festive, fun and innovative way.” 

The huge ‘mural’, designed to look like a giant Christmas-wrapped advent calendar, can be seen in Shoreditch, London and is part of a broader outdoor advertising campaign by H&M. As part of the popular clothing brand 2022 festive campaign, the products featured in the advent calendar are from their gifting guide. 

the7stars media agency announced the campaign on Twitter:

 Georgina Simms at the7stars, commented, “To stand out in a cluttered landscape this Christmas, we have leveraged assets to create premium moments across multiple touchpoints that blended in with consumers on-the-go behaviour this month. Firstly, we focused on brand awareness with frequency and reach across non-standard OOH sites. However, we also made sure we’re driving consideration and conversions across all target audiences”.

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