Diesel and Coca-Cola introduce recycled materials collection with The (Re)Collection

Diesel, a fashion brand, and Coca-Cola – a four-time global winner of the World Branding Awards – have joined forces to create a beautifully crafted capsule collection incorporating recycled materials, named The (Re)Collection.

Diesel is known for provoking its audience with irony, boldness and its ability to challenge conformity whilst Coca-Cola is known for celebrating togetherness and inclusivity, and both brands have decided to merge their DNA to create a remarkable and totally unexpected collaboration.

The collection is set to incorporate materials such as recycled PET derived from plastic bottles and recycled cotton, to create a fresh, modern interpretation of Diesel’s casual-wear aesthetic combined with Coca-Cola’s iconicity to make a statement.

Whilst other brands typically launch their collaborations in fancy, exclusive pop-up stores, both brands are inviting consumers to get the collection directly from where it came from: the recycling bins—no lie; even your local recycling bins.

Just by scanning any recycling logo anywhere in the globe, consumers can give access to an exclusive site on the Diesel’s website to, in turn, gain access to shop the collection before its official release in stores worldwide, and The (Re)Collection will be exclusively available for a limited time from September 27 before then.

The collaboration is set to roll out worldwide with an exclusive opening of the first-of-its-kind recycling bin store of The (Re)Collection taking place at the sidewalk of Galeries Lafayette tomorrow in Paris. The launch event in Paris will be followed by a series of collateral events that will take place around the world including London, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Amsterdam, New York, amongst others.

The collection will also be officially released at select Diesel stores worldwide and on Diesel’s website from October 7 onwards. But if you do not want to wait until that date you just can get it from where it came from now.

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