Compare the Market new advert has introduced a new character, the wombat, to its famous meerkat family.

The price comparison site has unveiled its new campaign with a TV ad featuring the new character, Carl, the wombat. Carl is Aleksander the meerkat’s unlucky Australian nephew whose actions often have unfortunate consequences.

The new compare the market ad starts with Aleksander excitedly claiming to the fellow meerkat and Sergei, that he can’t wait to meet his nephew. Carl then appears, falling down the escalators the wrong way. The ad ends with the tagline, “Don’t wombat it, meerkat it.”

Highlighting that everyone occasionally makes mistakes, the new compare the market campaign hopes to encourage customers to be more sensible, like meerkats, as opposed to the bumbling wombat. This, in turn, should allow consumers to make better financial decisions. That’s why ‘insurance compares the market’ should be a consumer’s prime choice.

Marketing Director at Compare The Market, Kristin Sonfield, said: “We’re delighted to welcome a new character to the meerkat family, the loveable, well-intentioned yet hapless Carl. We all have those relatable wombat moments where we don’t get it right, despite our best intentions! So we wanted to create ‘don’t wombat it, meerkat it’ to show that it’s OK and that it’s what we do next that’s the main thing. The best way to make up for a bad decision is to make a good one – to flip the switch and be more meerkat. Carl is a very welcome addition to the fold, and we can’t wait to see how his story develops – and how long Sergei can put up with him!”

Hence, one should opt for compare the market for travel insurance as well as home insurance.

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