Sony Makes Music with Bamboo Flute Orchestra

Released by Sony Music, the Jupiter video performed by Bamboo Flute Orchestra features the animated likenesses of its five female members.

Sony Music has released a video to back Shakuhachi Classic, the second album by all-female instrumental ensemble, Bamboo Flute Orchestra. Developed in collaboration with visual artist, Rina Matsudaira, the clip captures the animated likeness of the five members.

The Sony Music piece features the middle section of the women’s performance of Jupiter by Gustav Holst, known to contemporary listeners as World in Union. The quintet performs on the Japanese bamboo flute and debuted in 2016 as the solo project of Yoshimi Tsujimoto.

Tsujimoto first earned global attention via video interpretations of pop hits delivered using traditional Japanese instrumentation. The project then expanded with four more. The new album features popular orchestral works and theme songs from key television dramas.

bamboo flute orchestra
The five female members of Bamboo Flute Orchestra are all shakuhachi experts

The visuals in the Sony Music video were curated by Matsudaira; her work in the Nihonga style dangles a modern take on a traditional Japanese aesthetic. Past efforts include cover designs for French singer-songwriter, Clémentine, and Japanese artiste, Kousuke Atari.

“We think the combination with the tone of the shakuhachi really reaffirms the strengths of Japanese culture and the beauty of the four seasons. We hope people around the world will get the chance to see it,” Matsudaira said.

Watch the Jupiter music video launched by Sony Music here.