Nokia Redesigns 3310 and Debuts New Global Portfolio

Nokia has launched a new generation of smartphones to include three key variants, a release joined by a colourful re-imaging of the 3310.

Nokia has unveiled a new generation of smartphones. The global portfolio features three key variants that run on Android Nougat and feature Google Assistant. The premiere also sees the return of a classic—the iconic Nokia 3310—which has been reborn with a modern design twist.

Combined with a philosophy focused on improving the user experience, updated features have been integrated into the phone design so that it has the biggest benefit on consumers’ daily lives. The latest collection demonstrates the belief that every consumer should have access to premium quality.

Drawing on the hallmarks of the brand’s heritage of simplicity and reliability, the range is designed for a new generation of fans and is comprised of the 6 Arte Black Limited Edition, 6, 5, and 3. Meanwhile, the updated Nokia 3310 comes in warm red and yellow and features a glossy finish.