Integrating UA Flow Synchronicity, Under Armour takes a distinctive stance in designing women’s football boots to combat her rhythm and speed.

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup is just around the corner, Under Armour has launched its first women’s football shoes to take their athletic journey to the next level.

Traditionally, most women’s shoes are built using men’s designed shoe blueprints. Because of this, manufacturing companies may neglect significant details that can lead to severe discomfort while wearing.

Therefore to provide a perfect fit and arch support, Under Armour has thoroughly studied the difference between men’s and women’s feet. The team went to great lengths, even researching their biomechanics, specific foot proportions, and pressure points.

After carefully studying their anatomy and 3D scans, the team postulates three focus zone – the heel, the arch, and the midfoot heights. Besides these, Under Armour also focuses on the sensitive contours that interact with the shoes.

To understand female athletes better, Under Armour also held an extensive survey. The ultimate result of this entire effort, prototyping, and vigorous testing, is the integration of UA Flow Technology in the new Women’s UA Magnetico Elite 3 FG football boots.

Paul Nugent, Senior Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at Under Armour, said: “With nine professional female footballers on our roster, we are dedicated to supporting them to be the best they can be, both on and off the pitch.”

Nugent further explained that the company is delighted to launch two new products for female athletes: the UA Magnetico Elite 3 FG football boot and the HeatGear Armour High Sports Bra.

UA Women’s Football Boots Specifications

Under Armour has always been vigilant in crafting the best products, be it an Under Armour tracksuit or golf shoe. Similarly, the new UA Flow Synchronicity focuses on delivering a perfect fit that supports women’s feet arches. Hence, this heel-to-toe foot-conforming design enables immediate comfort and improves athletic performance.

Under Armour brings unparalleled cushioning and lightweight technology. As a result, it offers sticky traction and unmatched consistency. Moreover, after considering recent surveys and investigations, the brand crafted women’s boots weighing 8.3oz. The Under Armour shoes also have favourable dimensions: 23mm height, 16mm foot, and 7mm offset.

Women's Football Boots collection by Under Armour
Image Source Under Armour

Besides these, Under Armour has launched the HeatGear Armour High Sports Bra. While considering female athletes’ comfort, the brand imparts extra comfort and compression. With its adjustable strap and flat hook, the sports bra never slips or digs, with large keyholes for ample ventilation.

From the 17th of July, women athletes can get their hands on Under Armour’s exclusive collection. The sports bra’s price currently starts from £45, while the football boots sit at £225.

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