The fusion of British pub solidity with a touch of defiant spirit and fashion has birthed a unique collaboration between Stella Artois and the renowned menswear designer Martine Rose

Known for her ability to back down movements, Rose delved into Britain’s punk essence to craft a collection. It summarizes reliability and heritage in partnership with the Belgian-style lager Stella Artois.

Central to this collaboration is the standout piece – a bomber jacket. Surprisingly, it manifests the modern ethos of the entire collection. Moreover, Martine Rose fashioned this jacket from supple tan leather, spotting it with an evident sherpa collar. 

As per visuals, the jacket is adorned entirely with the beer brand’s Stella bottle caps,  embodying the spirit of Stella Artois. Consequently, it is a place for an eye-catching finish. 

The imperfectly styled Stella bottle caps, some slightly bent and showcasing a weathered coat. Through this, it contributes to the jacket’s well-worn aesthetic. This way, it underlines the expertise that went into its creation. Internally, the jacket boasts a lining made from patchworked beer towels bearing the Stella Artois and Martine Rose logos.

In addition, the bomber jacket, a one-off piece in XL size, stands with a pair of jeans, also part of the collection. Further, it showcases a similar vintage, well-worn appearance through the Stella percentage and Martine Rose patches. Rose highlighted its homage to DIY customization in sect clothing. She draws from English punk influences and other craft traditions. 

At Cousins Pool Club, the collaboration teaser video was shot. It’s a favorite domain of Master of Malts and further embodies the collection’s essence. This superior establishment symbolizes dedication and displays an aspect of eternity.

What’s the exciting news about the Martine Rose & Stella Artois collab?

Martine Rose
Image Source Sam Khoury

For enthusiasts in the United States, an exclusive opportunity awaits. Martine Rose and Stella Artois’s followers on Instagram can participate in a sweepstakes hosted by @StellaArtoisUSA.  

Hence, it’s a chance to win the one-of-a-kind jacket and other pieces from the collection. The “Stella Artois Spin to Win Holiday Sweepstakes” closes on December 27, 2023. Fans can access the contest through the Stella Artois website and follow the provided instructions for entry.

Further, Martine Rose while adorning the latest creation explained, “It’s a heavy, cognac-colored cowhide with an aged, broken effect hand. We wanted something that felt like authentic flyer jacket leather. It’s a real labor of love and completely bespoke.”

For complete rules and guidelines, interested participants can visit for further details.

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