Spotify teams up with Bandsintown to supercharge live music discovery. 

Bandsintown, the leading live event discovery platform, announces its partnership with Spotify to boost concert and global festival discovery, empower more artists, and enhance fan experiences. 

Who is Bandsintown?

 Bandsintown now collaborates with Spotify
Image Source Bandsintown is the world’s premier live music exploration platform, boasting an impressive database of over 1.5 million shows presented by 600,000 artists from 150+ countries. Catering to an audience of 84 million users, it delivers a staggering 3.7 billion personalised concert recommendations annually. 

The platform boosts event exposure through partnerships and enriches the artist-fan connection by providing potent direct-to-fan marketing tools. It is achieved through Bandsintown For Artists, the dedicated venue for Bandsintown PRO, and the advertising platform Bandsintown Promoter for event promoters.

Spotify x Bandsintown

This exciting partnership directly brings Bandsintown’s event listings into Spotify. It  allows artists to connect with fans while the fans are actively listening on Spotify. Moreover, this seamless integration empowers artists to reach the right audience, boosting engagement and driving ticket sales for live shows.

Concerts showcased by artists on Bandsintown are seamlessly accessible on Spotify, serving as personalised event suggestions for Spotify’s vast community of 602 million monthly active users worldwide.

Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Bandsintown, said, 

“Bandsintown is on a mission to help artists get discovered and sell out shows. With Spotify on board, we are bringing artists and fans closer in a world where every show counts and every fan matters.”

Why Spotify x Bandsintown Collaboration Matters:

The collaboration aims to streamline live music discovery for both fans and artists.

For Artists:

Half a million artists already trust Bandsintown For Artists. It helps artists to reach new fans and sell more tickets in a crowded market. In addition, Spotify has seen a tenfold increase in live event impressions in the last year, offering a powerful platform to connect with engaged listeners.

Now, it’s getting even better. By linking artist’s Spotify profiles and listing their shows on Bandsintown, artists gain:

  1. Increased reach: Artists can connect with a wider audience of potential fans who are actively listening to music on Spotify. Amplify artists’ presence with live event listings across key surfaces like artist pages, the Live Events Feed, and the Now Playing View.
  2. Improved targeting:  Artists can potentially reach fans who are more likely to be interested in their music and attend their shows
  3. Boosted sales and engagement: With increased visibility and a seamless way for fans to find their gigs, artists aim to experience higher ticket sales and audience engagement.
  4. Simplified management: Through linking their Spotify profiles and publishing shows on Bandsintown, artists have full control over their event listings and benefit from a more complete and accurate data pipeline to Spotify.

For Fans: 

  1. Easier event discovery: Allowing fans to discover upcoming concerts from their favourite artists within the app itself.
  2. Effortless exploration: Fans can easily find shows happening near them, view details, and RSVP directly through Spotify.
  3. Enhanced experience: Enriching music experience by assisting fans in finding and attending live shows they’re interested in.

 This collaboration bridges the gap between artists and fans. Not only that, it ensures everyone benefits from a richer and more connected music experience.

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