NESTEA is launching a new line of brewed and reformulated classic iced teas through its Tiny House tour visiting Boston and other cities.

NESTEA has unveiled a custom Tiny House in New York City to showcase the brand’s ‘less is more’ philosophy, alongside the joys of simple living. To kick off its summer tour, the group’s Tiny House is now on the road and will make its first stop in Boston.

As part of the Boston Harborfest, the showcase will be located at the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. From 1-2 July, visitors are invited to stop by, take a tour, and sample the latest line of premium real brewed and reformulated classic iced teas by NESTEA.

The brand’s offerings are sweetened with real sugar and stevia extract. The new real brewed iced teas are made with up to five ingredients (tea, real sugar, water, rooibos, and citric acid). Following its Boston appearance, the Tiny House is set to make Chicago its next stop.

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