Roger Dubuis has revealed a new renewal of its Knights of the Round Table watch. It is limited to just 28 pieces and designed from Titanium Damascus. This timepiece draws inspiration from the mythical Arthurian legend. Further, it encapsulates a narrative steeped in courage and craftsmanship.

Amazingly, the watch signifies equality and unity, mirroring each knight’s seat to embrace the philosophy of the Round Table. Designers, watchmakers, and artisans collaborated to create this masterpiece. This way, it showcases their skills in a unified effort.

At the watch’s core lie twelve 18K pink gold micro-engraved knights. Each is uniquely postured and precisely crafted through 3D scanning, molding, and manual engraving. The precision and detail in crafting each knight require up to three days, highlighting the patience and skill involved.

Round Table Watch
Image Source Roger Dubius

The dial portrays an icy Arthurian landscape, achieved using ice-blue Murano glass and Limoges biscuit porcelain. Crafted block by block, it forms a stunning matte and shiny contrast. Consequently, it captures the essence of a frozen adventure.

Encased in 45mm Titanium Damascus, the watch pays homage to ancient steel mastery. In addition, it undergoes a meticulous layering, heating, hammering, and acid bath process. Further, it reveals a mesmerizing wave pattern. 

The sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, the open case back, and the raveled Damascus titanium bezel further enhance its allure.

What Powers the Heart of This Limited Edition of Round Table Watch?

Round Table Watch
Image Source Roger Dubuis

The automatic Monobalancier RD821 caliber is powering the timepiece. Its 72-part in-house movement meets Poinçon de Genève certification standards. The crown resembles a sword’s guard, while the Quick Release System on the strap enables easy customization.

Each watch bears an inscription on the case back, echoing the words of Merlin: “Around this table, the bravest knights will gather as equals. They will outline in search of adventure, righting wrongs, protecting the weak, and humbling the proud.”

The pricing and availability details remain undisclosed. But Roger Dubuis has affirmed that this limited edition creation is customized for fans seeking peerless design. Furthermore, it embodies an ideal timepiece for their close-knit community on a quest for excellence.

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