M-Cube’s 30 million pixel installation at the Florence train station gives life to an immersive audio and video installation, integrating hues of 3D art.

M-Cube, an in-store digital engagement solutions company, has integrated 400 modules at a surface length of 200 square meters. The show-stopping pixel installation was unveiled at the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence, Italy.

Being one of the busiest train stations in Italy, the installation certainly gets an edge with advertising and tourist gathering. Thus far, the football-sized installation has gathered over one million visitors, with 160,000 train passengers daily. Moreover, this would be a strategic opportunity for advertisers to roll out their campaigns.

The Florence high-speed rail network runs from Milan to Naples and from Turin to Venice, spread over an area of 1,000km. Besides that, it also integrates four new stations at Turin, Naples, Rome, and Florence.

Hence, this digital signage installation by M-Cube in Italy amplifies the power of digital tools in creating impactful representations.

Florence Train Station
Image Source M Cube

With the liberty of delivering exceptional solutions, M-Cube has consistently proven its superior service quality. Likewise, this immersive installation at Florence Santa Maria Novella train station carries no exception. The success of its audiovisual immersive experience is also highlighted by its achievement of 160,000 visitors per day.

Leonardo Comelli, Italy Business Director at M-Cube, commented: “Due to evolving consumer expectations, digital experiences are largely working to assist brands in enhancing their online presence. As a result, this relationship between the digital and physical worlds is crucial in enhancing the overall customer experience. I would like to express gratitude to Real Media for collaborating with us on this project.”

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