The pioneer of conscious luxury, Stella McCartney has launched its winter campaign starring fashion model and reality star, Kendall Jenner. Launched on the 22nd of August, the exclusive campaign unites its love for horses by introducing a herd of McCartney-clad horses.

With the Horse Power theme, the luxury campaign was shot by Harley Weir, a London-born photographer, in Camargue Salt Flats. On the plains of Southern France, one can see Jenner channeling her inner affection for horses, posing like a horse girl. Moreover, horse whisperer and rescuer Jean-Francois Pignon provides the region’s famous white ponies for added flair.

It’s not the first time a Horse Power theme has run across a collection. The vision had its first physical demonstration at Paris Fashion Week 2012, where Givenchy, Alexis Mabille, and Hermes’ creativity depicted a strong relationship between a horse and a human.

Hence, due to their unanimous love for horses, McCartney and Jenner blend well in this campaign. Jenner’s array of poses with the herd and the entire collection reflects equestrian undertones inspired by bridle reins.

While expressing Jenner’s love for horses, McCartney said, “I knew this season’s Stella girl had to love horses as much as I do. Kendall has been riding since she was a kid, just like me, and has her own ranch; you can see how at ease she is around these sensitive creatures and them with her.”

Kendall’s Shoot With McCartney Almost Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

Left little to imagine, the next-gen model poses incredibly in a jaw-dropping photoshoot. Whether it’s lying nude on a horse or standing among galloping horses, the passionate campaign sets temperatures soaring.

For the campaign’s photo shoot, Jenner poses among and atop McCartney’s favourite animal. In one shot, the supermodel makes an elephant backend pose while the rear side of the horse faces her. Jenner wears a pitch-black Cut-Out V-neck bodysuit and Pleated Wide Trousers.

In another, amidst stark-white steeds, stands Kendall Jenner in a red ensemble. The entire scenario looks no less than heaven, with our diva in a Moulded Waist Double-Breasted Blazer and Split Front A-Line Skirt.

Stella McCartney
Image Source Stella McCartney

The next glimpse of Jenner’s shoot sizzles as she poses nude on the horse. While keeping the bars high, the model rests saddle-free on the horse’s back and covers her chest with her arms. Moreover, the ultra-dramatic moment has Jenner in thigh-high boots and a matching Stella McCartney bag.

Stella McCartney
Image Source Stella McCartney

While considering the ecological impact caused by certain substances, Stella McCartney used nearly 92% of conscious materials. Be it Stella McCartney shoes, coats, or ready-to-wear winter clothes, the brand explores a more ecological concept.

The Stella McCartney horsegirl fashion collection is available beginning August 2023 at its official website or selected stores worldwide.

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