Jenny Craig is working with spokesperson, Kirstie Alley, to promote its new Pre-Resolution campaign which runs until 31 December.

Jenny Craig has introduced a new weight loss pre-resolution campaign through brand spokesperson, Kirstie Alley, who is currently on its maintenance programme. The marketing push aims to inspire people to get started on their pledges for the New Year, before the ball drops.

The brand will afford both new and former members who purchase a programme the opportunity to take home special gifts in line with the promotion, for which the sign-up period runs until 31 December 2016. Those interested can visit the website to make their own pre-resolutions.

From going on more dates to giving love a chance to listening to appreciating her body more, Alley herself has a few pre-resolutions to share with her followers. Meanwhile, she is showing off her new grandson in a sneak-peek video showing fans what being a grandmother means to her.

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