Publicis Groupe Expands Its Country Model to Cover Its Markets

New Publicis Groupe structure to drive integration of capabilities within the countries or regions and make the organisation more efficient

Publicis Groupe has announced the expansion of its country model organisation. The geographic footprint of the group will be divided into eight key markets, building on the model that has been already put in place successfully over the past few months in several countries, including the United Kingdom and France.

This initiative is an additional step in the transformation of the group and is key to deliver its unique integrated offer to its clients.

The eight key markets are North America, the United Kingdom, France, DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Northern & Central Europe, Southern Europe, Asia Pacific & Middle East/Africa, and Latin America.

Each market will be led by a leadership team, allowing the group to break down silos at the country level, accelerate cross-fertilisation and new business firepower, and leverage the best of The Power of One organisation.

This new structure will also drive the integration of capabilities within the countries or regions and make the organisation more efficient. As a result, the Publicis One structure is evolving and the related markets will now be led at a regional level through the new geographic organisation the group is implementing.

A leadership team has already been appointed in the following markets:

North America is led by a unified executive committee, and the Groupe continues to implement a more integrated organisation; The United Kingdom is led by Annette King since May 2018; France is led by Agathe Bousquet since September 2017; DACH is chaired by Justin Billingsley since September 2017.

A leader is appointed for the following markets:

Loris Nold, CEO of Publicis Groupe APAC since February 2018, will also oversee the Middle East and Africa; Jarek Ziebinski, CEO of Publicis One, is appointed to the newly created role of CEO of Publicis Groupe for Northern and Central Europe.

Additional appointments will occur in the next few months in Southern Europe and Latin America, which will be led in the interim by two members of the Management Committee:

Gerry Boyle, CEO of Publicis Media APAC and EMEA, will oversee Southern Europe; Tim Jones, CEO of Publicis Media North America, will oversee Latin America (excluding Brazil).

The organisation in Brazil, as a single Solution hub country, will remain unchanged.

Arthur Sadoun Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe said: “We are very happy to announce the expansion of our country organisation, building on the success that we have already experienced in some of our key markets such as France and the United Kingdom.

“We are progressively completing our transformation to become a platform. To succeed, we need to implement the right balance between our global practices run by the Solutions and a country led model to deliver them in an integrated way. This is why this move is a key milestone in our journey and will make our model stronger.

“With all the country leaders and the Solution leaders, who are all members of the Management Committee, we are committed to transform the group for the best of our clients, our talents and all our stakeholders.”