LEWIS Expects 2018 to be another Record Year

£2.9 million deployed by LEWIS in developing new vertical sectors

LEWIS, a global integrated communications business, announced the completion of its 23rd year of consecutive growth and record revenues. This was driven by the addition of major clients in both the consumer and technology markets.

Based on the company year-end of 31 July, 2017, global revenues reached new all-time record highs of US $62 million/£45 million with profits at US $8 million/£5.8 million.

This was powered by accounts such as Comcast, ECOVACS, Google, Jabra, Infosys, LG, McAfee, Porsche, VMware and Wix.com.

In 2017, the company committed a further US $4 million/£2.9 million to expand its proposition in consumer, corporate communications, financial services, biotechnology and automotive sectors.

Part of the funding was deployed in leadership appointments in key U.S. locations and in new digital leadership in China.

The company also launched LEWIS Expro, a customised senior leadership communications consultancy built to capitalise on executive profiling. This service dovetails with strategic research programmes such as the LEWIS Advisory Board (LAB).

Launched in January 2017, the board is chaired by former presidential adviser Dr. Pippa Malmgren. Designed to help leaders spot global trends and achieve greater situational awareness, 100 business leaders have been consulted and a book deal signed to publish the conclusions.

“The Leadership LAB – Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century” will be launched 3 September, 2018, by Kogan Page Inspire.

“The Team LEWIS model, with its emphasis on reinvestment, has paid dividends this year. At a time when many brands are consolidating, we’ve continued to pioneer new services, invest in fresh leaders and win many new and exciting accounts. We head into 2018 armed with further acquisition and organic expansion plans. It promises to be another exciting year,” said James Oehlcke, Chief Financial Officer.

“2017 was also a record year for professional awards. With excellence in global, retail and our core technology business, we’ve seen our teams recognised all over the world,” said Yvonne van Bokhoven, Global Marketing Leader for the company.

“Despite the volatility of many global markets the past year, LEWIS has invested early for 2018 and expects it to be another record year. I want to pay tribute to our global team for their hard work and commitment this year. We thrive on seeing happy clients that appreciate excellent work delivered by a great team,” said Chris Lewis, CEO and founder.