Huaqiang North Reopens as International Electronics Commercial Hub

Huaqiang North reopens

New Metro Stations and Additional 4,000-Metre Square of Business Space Among Upgrades Done to China’s Largest Electronics Centre

Huaqiang North, China’s electronics hub located in Shenzen, reopened last Saturday after four years of being blocked off by construction walls and scaffolding. The famous district will return to be China’s largest, most tech-heavy electronics trading centre.

Approximately 500,000 consumers spend more than 200 billion yuan each year at Huaqiang North every day. Generating the world’s highest revenue stream for a shopping area of its kind, Huaqiang North is considered the benchmark and barometer of China’s electronics industry.

Due to the construction of Line 7 of the Shenzhen Metro, many sections of the streets and thoroughfares in Huaqiang North have been closed off to pedestrians by construction walls and scaffolding since March 2013.

The Futian District Committee and Government and the Futian Huaqiang North Subdistrict Office have enacted a series of measures to ease the hardship for the affected merchants and assist them in maintaining their businesses, while carrying out the plan for the transformation of Huaqiang North into a world-class electronics hub.

Merchants have also stepped up to realise the ambition through modernising their businesses, overhauling their operational methods, renovating their shop or booth, and revamping their product line-ups.

As of now, the main thoroughfare intersecting Huaqiang North has been transformed into a 930-meter long pedestrian street. Lines 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Shenzhen Metro all have a station in the immediate proximity. The hub will add more than 4,000 square metres of new business spaces in a newly-opened sublevel.