Celcom first in Malaysia to adopt full suite cloud-based Operation Support Service (OSS) system

Celcom Axiata inked an agreement with Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) to apply the Cloud-based Digitised Operation Platform, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

The service provider will be the first in the country to adopt a full suite cloud-based Operation Support Service (OSS) system to accelerate agility in their automation and the intelligence of network management, and to pave the way for their journey towards becoming a digital company.

The Digitised Operation Platform brings together Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology powered by Huawei’s award-winning Operation Web Services (OWS) platform, to enhance the company’s capabilities in managing increasingly complex networks and services.

It also enables the company to transform their daily operations from reactive to proactive and predictive, and further solidify their relentless drive to achieve excellence in customer experience.

Through this partnership, Huawei aims to leverage its Digitised Operation AUTomation & INtelligence Services Solution (AUTIN), and share the global experience with the company to achieve a visualised, automated and intelligent network operation.

Amandeep Singh, Chief Technology Officer of Celcom Axiata, said that the partnership signifies the company’s ongoing commitment in delivering the best network experience to the customers.

“Celcom will constantly continue the evolution of its network with the latest technologies to bring an awesome experience for Malaysians. It is critical that we explore the capabilities of new generation technology with global partners like Huawei.”

“The Digitised Operation Platform will increase Celcom’s efficacy in managing our daily operations, readiness in managing potential issues and continuous improvements in our network,” said Singh.

Huawei Global Technical Services President Tang Qibing said, “I am pleased that Celcom chose Huawei as a partner in its digital transformation journey. We certainly believe that Huawei’s AUTIN solution will accelerate the company’s transition from traditional operations with repetitive manual processes into automated operations.

“Our vision is to build an ecosystem with strategic partners like the company, third parties and other industries to unlock incredible value through new services and innovations, which will ultimately benefit everyone in the telecommunications industry.”

This partnership is significant as it elevates a collaborative way of working between industry players, which will ultimately enhance capabilities. As a pioneer in the adaptation of Cloud-based Digitised Operations Platform in Malaysia, the company also hopes to be an example to others within the industry, and further intensify its digital operation transformation.

Huawei was a two-time winner of the World Branding Awards in the Technology-Mobile Phones category.

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