In line with the roll-out of its limited-edition Reserve Copper Lager offering, Budweiser has released a spot starring Charlize Theron.

Budweiser has released a short promoting its limited-edition Reserve Copper Lager. The sixty-second commercial with Charlize Theron, The New Bud in Town, is set to Run DMC’s Tricky, and casts the actress as a multi-tasker who relishes beer and plays pool with ease.

The creative introduces limited-edition brew to the national stage and positions the brand’s freshly launched Reserve series front and centre. Unveiled in August of last year, the lager-style beer is made using two-row barley, while aged on Jim Beam bourbon barrel staves.

Packaged in a vintage stubby bottle, the drink was originally created in commemoration of the eighty-fifth anniversary of Prohibition and as a nod to the beverage maker’s survival story. The series offers a refreshing Budweiser experience based on a 143-year heritage.

The Reserve collection which emerged in September of 2017 sought to develop new recipes for premium and seasonal occasions; Copper Lager proved an instant hit. To celebrate, the marque is extending the offering through spring, with the film being led by Vayner Media.

“We are thrilled to partner with Charlize Theron. Our Budweiser Reserve series and Copper Lager continue to gain fans across the country, which is why we’re excited about this new campaign,” said Ricardo Marques, VP of Marketing, Core & Value Brands, Anheuser-Busch.

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