Yellow Pages Drives Digital with The Lemonade Stand

The push by Yellow Pages runs until November using conventional and specialty television, sponsored video and posts, pre-roll, and more.

 Yellow Pages has launched a national business-to-business campaign targeting small business customers. To promote its digital portfolio of products, the group discreetly opened The Lemonade Stand in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood, giving no indication that the brand was behind the storefront.

It ran from 30 April to 8 May 2016. Showcasing actual employees who provide daily services to customer accounts, the company highlighted the efficiency of its digital offering by creating a small business from scratch. The brand selected the iconic lemonade stand for the business it would create.

The platform was promoted and marketed for under a month by in-house digital media teams, using only Yellow Pages digital marketing products and services via NetSync—a digital presence syndication tool, creation and hosting of a basic website, Facebook page and engagement, SEM, videography, and photography.

Ten employees participated with said multimedia push set to run until November featuring conventional and specialty television, sponsored video and posts, pre-roll as well as takeovers of La Presse digital platforms. The initiative was developed in collaboration with Leo Burnett and Jungle Media.

 The Lemonade Stand had approximately 1,100 customers in the one-week period it was open with all inventory sold out by the weekend. All proceeds from the business were donated locally. The 15-second version of said advertisement can be viewed here.

“Our strength lies in the services and guidance our employees provide and we wanted to showcase that. It is also important that small businesses across Canada continue to associate the brand with results-driven digital marketing and services tailored to their specific needs,” said Paul Brousseau, VP, Brand Communications at Yellow Pages.