Terminix is putting a cheeky twist on Cupid’s holiday by offering clients a chance to win a chocolate-covered cricket crunch bar for loved ones.

Provider of pest control services, Terminix, has introduced a quirky Valentine’s Day treat in the form of chocolate-covered insects. In line with the occasion, customers can join in its festivities and spread the ‘love bug’ on the day for some cheeky fun with their loved ones.

Putting a comical spin on Cupid’s holiday, lucky participants across the United States will receive edible chocolate-coated crickets in an Instagram-ready heart-shaped box. The gift will be packaged and delivered to customers to share with someone special on 14 February.

Fans interested in ‘delighting’ a loved one with a surprise Valentine’s Day twist can enter the sweepstakes online. At no cost, Terminix will send winners their crickets-infused prize ready for gifting. The treat is not suitable for recipients with shellfish or peanut allergies.

A portfolio of parent company, ServiceMaster, which is headquartered in the United States, the brand services close to three million residential and commercial clients in 47 American states and eighteen countries worldwide. It protects against termites, rodents, and more.

“We are hoping to add a little fun with a twist on the typical Valentine’s gift this season. While we normally eliminate pests for our customers, this Valentine’s Day, we are helping them celebrate with chocolate-covered ones instead,” said Matthew Stevenson, President of Terminix.

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